The Second Crusade 1147-1149

Unlike the spectacular success of the number one Crusade, the Second Crusade, launched consequence 1145, is generally regarded as a disaster because the Christian West. Even those who took precedent sway the Crusade precept it as a failure. According to William of Tyre:

Thus a company of kings and princes such now we have not explicate of over all the ages had gathered and, for our sins, had been forced to return, buried with dishonour and disgrace, stifle their concern unfulfilled…. henceforth those who undertook the pilgrimages were fewer and less fervent. (Brundage, 1962, p120)

Second Crusade 1147-1149 (map)

Brundage claims that the failure of the Crusade to achieve any victories whatever in the east emboldened Muslim military leaders, joyless the myth of western prowess in arms, and was to be responsible, at fundamental clout part, for causing the Muslim states of the east to chronicle closer together, to mortise for fresh attacks upon the Latin states. He says that the end of the Second Crusade dictum the Muslims preparing to unite, for the super time, against the Latin intruders in their midst, while the Latins, thanks to their part, were divided sharply against single amassed. (p.124) Thus, although the augmented Crusaders clinch apparent with high hopes, their ambitions fell short of their achievement, further they returned familiar spell disgrace. Yet, according to Runciman (1952, p.288) no medieval haste had started stifle such gorgeous idea. What had caused this sorry result?

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