The Second Crusade succeed or Failure?

While those who participated in the Second Crusade had everyday planned to actualize so before hearing of the loss of Edessa to Zangi, the stress of the hunt was likely stark by the loss. Pope Eugenius III issued a crusading king sized (Quantum praedecessors) to Louis VII of France. A Cistercian abbot, Bernard of Clairvaux, convinced Conrad III of Germany to venture on crusade as well. Louis VII and Conrad III arrived access Constantinople in 1147. The crusaders then attacked Damascus, a Muslim city that had been allied to the Christians until the attack. Upon the arrival of Nur al-Din (Nureddin) and his forces, the crusaders gave up their siege, bereavement the Second Crusade. It is important to concernment that the majority of the crusaders during this spell crusaded either influence Iberia (situation they seized Lisbon) or (more unsuccessfully) on the eastern border of Germany against the Slavs and Wends.
Read the full article at The Failure of The Second Crusade


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