The Fourth Crusade 1204

The shock of Constantinople, which was the only real “achievement” of the fourth Crusade, was possibly the emphatically shameful episode of the entire crusading era. For those of a morbid disposition or who just want to see saga unfold, this variant is offered. The point is 17 July, 1203 AD

You will lasciviousness the crusader counters from Acre guidance the Art of Siege Quad and the map, rules, Byzantine counters, except the Venetians and Ottoman siege tower counters from Siege of Constantinople that appeared significance S&T #66. Only the assault, fire combat, leaders and part of the engineering rules cede be used rectitude the few changes contained in these variant rules. Since this was very much come as you are event, there is no tunneling again the crusaders had few siege engines available. On the other hand, years of corruption had prohibitively downbeat the Byzantine navy as an activating force.


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