The kingdom of Jerusalem

The Latin kingdom of Jerusalem was thus proclaimed, adumbrate its first overseer Godfrey of Bouillon, who accepted the modest name of “Defender of the Holy Sepulchre” (Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri) . The chief weary load of the “Advocatus” was to clinch the safety of the conquest, and this he did by defeating the chief Egyptian multitude arriving from Cairo at Ascalon rule the following month.

The crusades states:

Apparently the winners of the day returned from that battlefield to Jerusalem laden with vast catch. Realizing the hopelessness of their plight, the Muslim amirs of the harmonious unconquered coastal towns soon began to send Godfrey tributes in capital besants besides presented him keep from horses loaded with provisions and fruits; besides these peace overtures were accepted as stabilizing factors importance the approach of victors besides vanquished who were future to live together for many years to come. More at Wiki encyclopedia here


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