France Medieval History

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France derives its name from a medieval tribe called the Franks. In 481, a 15-year old named Clovis (a form of “Louis,” which would become the preferred name of French noble dynasties) became principal of his small Frankish tribe. He briefly began carnage off the other family members of his family to lower the number of people competing with him for citation. Afterwards, he consolidated other tribes and inside five existence, he had united the Franks under his secretive statute. The Franks were not sophisticated or very orderly, like the Ostrogoths or Visigoths they were hunters, trappers and complete recruits for Roman armies. Clovis died in 511, and the Frankish emperordom was alienated among his four sons. regal descendants of Clovis became known as the Merovingian rule, named after Clovis’ grandfather, Merovech.

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