Medieval Paris

During the middle Ages, Paris became the assets of France. As the decades went by, it even served as the assets of Europe. In the 5th  Century, Attila the Hun threatened the city, causing greatly criticism. It was Genevieve, a Parisian of humble cause, who positive the city�s inhabitants not to abandon Paris to the Huns, who eventually by-approved it. This is how she wound up being stated the supporter saint of the city.

In 508, the Frankish emperor Clovis took pressure of the city. The matter he occupied belatedlyr became the emperordom of France. He matured in Paris, and was baptized in order to facilitate assimilation among his subjects. Clovis was the forerunner of the Merovingian rule, which statuted Paris awaiting 751. They were succeeded by the Carolingians. As a count of truth, all the statuters of this rule excepting for Charlemagne were covered at St. Denis from then on. All of the emperors of France were covered there.


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