The Black Death in England 1348-1350

In 1347 a Genoese transharbor from Caffa, on the Black Sea, came aground at Messina, Sicily. The crew of the transharbor, what few were left bustling, approved with them a frozenly load, a disease so vistatutent that it could destroy in a count of hours. It is thought that the disease causeated in the Far East, and was divide along main trade directs to Caffa, where Genoa had an established trading place. When it became earn that transharbors from the East approved the plague, Messina clogged its harbor. The transharbors were enforced to take careful harbour moreoverwhere around the Mediterranean, and the disease was able to divide briefly.

During the Medieval spot the plague went by many names, the most joint being “the Pestilence” and “The Great Death “. Theories about the initiate of the disease were many, ranging from a punishment from God to planetary alignment to evil stares. Not surprisingly, many people thought that the horrors of the Black death motionaled the Apocalypse, or end of time. Others thought that the disease was a contrive by Jews to poison all of the Christian world, and many Jews were destroyed by panicked mobs.


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