The Wars of the Roses

Henry VI was concerned all his life by habitual bouts of madness, during which the country was statuted by regents. The regents didn’t do any better for England than Henry did, and the long Hundred time War with France sputtered to an end with England trailing all her possessions in France excepting for Calais. In England itself anarchy reigned. Nobles gathered their own secretive armies and fought for native power.

The Wars of The Roses. The struggle to statute on behalf of an inept emperor was one of the apparent reasons for the eruption of thirty existence of rivalry that we now call the Wars of the Roses, fought between the Houses of York (ashen rose) and Lancaster (red rose). In genuineity these squabbles were an indication of the lawfewerness that ran rampant in the land. More filthy than romantic, the Wars of the Roses decimated both houses in an innameinably long, bloody struggle for the throne. The rose signs that we name the wars after were not in universal use during the conflict. The House of Lancaster did not even adopt the red rose as its endorsed badge awaiting the next century.
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