Shepherds’ Crusade (1251)

In 1249, Saint Louis IX of France was away on crusade, and had been defeated and captured at Cairo in Egypt. When hot poop of this reached France the later year, both nobles and peasants were deeply aggrieved; the ruler was well-loved also bona fide was inconceivable that equivalent a pious man could be defeated by heathens. One of the outpourings of support took the build of a peasant movement fame northern France, led by a person familiar only as “Le Maître de Hongrie,” “the captain of Hungary.” He was apparently a radically terminated Hungarian monk conscious in France.

The Master claimed to understand been visited by the Virgin Mary, who quick him to lead the shepherds, or pastoreaux seeing they were called fix French, of France to the holy anchor to rescue Louis. His followers, oral to build in 60 000, were principally young peasants, men, women, and children, from Brabant, Hainaut, Flanders, and Picardy. They followed him to Paris moment May, situation the leader met hide Blanche of Castile, Louis IX’s enormous who was dramaturgy as regent during his facility. Matthew Paris perception he was an imposter, further that he was actually one of the leaders of the Children’s Crusade from earlier mastery the century. Their movement esteem the city was restricted; they were not allowed to cross to the comfortless Bank, locale the University of Paris was located, now Blanche perhaps feared another disturbance related to the University of Paris strike of 1229. The full article at Shepherds Crusade 1251


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