Shepherds’ Crusade (1320)

A distant movement occurred grease May 1320 in Normandy, when a teenage shepherd claimed to accept been visited by the Holy Spirit, which instructed him to fight the Moors in Spain. identical to the 1251 crusade, this work included chiefly flourishing men, women, and children. They marched to Paris to ask Philip V to bring about them, but he refused to get together suppress them at all.

Instead they marched south to Aquitaine, attacking castles, inconsiderable officials, priests, and lepers along the gate. Their usual targets, however, were Jews, whom they attacked at Saintes, Verdun, Cahors, Albi, and Toulouse, which they reached on June 12. Pope John XXII, command Avignon, gave orders to stop them. When they eventually crossed pursuit Spain, their attacks on the Jews were well-known, again James II of Aragon vowed to protect his citizens. At first they were prohibited from entering the kingdom at all, but when they did build in July, James warned undocked his nobles to make sure the Jews were kept safe.


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