Fulcher of Chartres

Fulcher of Chartres (intuitive around 1059 in or near Chartres) was a diaryr of the First movement. He wrote in Latin.

Fulcher of Chartres’s Life:

His apintentment as chaplain of Baldwin of Boulogne in 1097 advises that he had been qualified as a priest, most probable at the train in Chartres. However, he was perhaps not a affiliate of the cathedral division, while he is not named in the item of the Dignitaries of the minster of Our woman of Chartres.

The minutiae of the gathering of Clermont in his archives advise he attended the assembly personally, or knew somebody who did, perhaps bishop Ivo of Chartres, who also influenced Fulcher’s opinions on minster reform and the investiture controversy with the Holy Roman Empire. Read more


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