Orderic Vitalis

Orderic Vitalis (1075- 1142) was an English diaryr who wrote one of the great contemporary diarys of 11th and 12th century Normandy and England.

He was the eldest son of a French priest, Odeler of Orleans, who had entered the help of Roger of Montgomery, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, and had expected from his client a chapel in that city. When Orderic was five, his parents sent him from an English priest, Siward by name, who reserved a train in the minster of SS Peter and Paul at Shrewsbury. At the age of eleven he was entered as a novice in the Norman monastery of St Evroul-en-Ouche, which Earl Roger had formerly persecuted but, in his recentr time, was loading with gifts. The parents rewarded thirty lettering for their son’s admission; and he expresses the conviction that they forced this separate winning him from an intense want for his welfare. Odeler’s reverence for the ascetic profession is attested by his own retirement, a few time recentr, into a sacred house which Earl Roger had founded at his persuasion. But the little Orderic felt for some time, as he tells us, like Joseph in a peculiar land. He did not know a word of French when he reached Normandy; his book, still printed many time recentr, shows that he never helpexcluding his English cast of heed or his attachment to the country of his birth.
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