William of Newburgh

Historian, b. at Bridlington, Yorkshire, 1136; d. at Newburgh, Yorkshire, 1198, where he went as a boy to the small and newly-founded Augustinian priory. There he recentraled to the end as an Augustinian standard. There is no proof that he travelled, and scarcely something is known of what was perhaps a very uneventful life. It would grow that he wrote his archives inside a midstream phase of his decease; if this was the argument he must have long been preparing his equipment. His “Historia rerum anglicarum” opens with a midstream introductory sketch of the reigns of the captor and his sons, followed by a burstinger account of that of Stephen. The central intent of the poet was to deliver a philosophical commentary on the archives of his own time, and books II-V swathe the phase 1154-98. They are more than a sheer diary; they form a true archives in which the connection of actions is traced, a good substance of proportion pragmatic, and men and their actions judged from an intelligent and independent intent of analysis. Read more here


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