Christendom Map in 11th Century

This was a brilliant century for the Vikings; the eager Schism (1054) between the Western (Roman Catholic) and Eastern Orthodox Christian churches, the Norman seduction in1066 of England; the Spanish leader El Cid conquest the city of Valencia from the Moors; the First Crusade appropriating Jerusalem city, the conception and use of martial rockets in China, and the birth of a outstanding literary form:  Murasaki Shikibu’s which is commonly assured as the first novel.

For D.E. Smith, “Just how a lot determine the authorising of the first Christian millennium had informed the popular people it is arduous to say. Historiographers give much lower tending to the “terreur de l’an Mil” than was formerly the type.  It is not likely that many educated people took literally the biblical notice associating to the period of a 1000 years, but it is particular that it was so acquired by some.  At any ambit, the passing of this milestone saw the Christian world aroused to new cares.”

See the Large map with the full article Here


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