Map of the First Crusade

In 1095, Pope Urban II began preaching for an military expedition to the Holy Land in response to a petition by Alexius I Comnenus [the Byzantine emperor], for mercenary military personnel* to fight the Seljuk Turks. But the western answer was completely more ambitious, asking vast numbers of military pilgrims below their own leaders, who crossed Europe and Asia Minor to reach Syria, and found Jerusalem in 1099. They initiated a series of outside campaigns (crusades as they were later known as) which mobilized the military conceivable of Christendom. At first, the crusaders ascertained the new conditions ambitious: the heat, awkward terrain, and the fluent manoeuvres of a roving enemy. The big besieging of Antioch instructed them how to engulfed the Muslims in battle and worked a veteran force. At Jerusalem, their command of siege technology accomplished their destination.

See the large map with the full article


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