Raymond IV of Toulouse

Raymond IV (1038-1105), count of Toulouse (1093-1105), leader in the First Crusade. He was as well count of Saint Gilles and marquis of Provence. The first big prince to carry the Cross, he was the chief contriver and arranger of the expedition. He declined to follow Bohemond I and Godfrey of Bouillon in affirming fealty to the Byzantine emperor Alexius I, bounding himself to a anticipate (1097) to do no injury to the emperor’s life or honor. Raymond distinguished himself at the sieges of Nicaea, Antioch, and Jerusalem, but altercated (in vain) with Bohemond over the possession of Antioch. Having declined the title king of Jerusalem, he fought at Ashkelon (1099). Unable to protect his city of Laodicea versus Bohemond, he went to Constantinople to look for the aid of Alexius. After he was controlled prisoner by Tancred, who was acting as regent for Bohemond. At the end of his life, with Byzantine abide, he laid besieging to Tripoli, which was eventually formed into a county by his descendents.


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