Tancred (1076-1112), western Crusader in the first crusade. He got a Crusader in 1096 with his uncle Bohemond I. After distinguishing himself at Nicaea, he crossed out into Cilicia and beleaguered Tarsus, but was divested of the city, after its return, by Baldwin (Baldwin I of Jerusalem) and was forced to come back the main army. He participated in the appropriates of Antioch (1098), Jerusalem (1099), and Haifa (1100) and was for a abruptly time prince of Galilee, with his capital at Tiberias. While working (1100-1103) as trustee of Antioch for Bohemond, he retook Laodicea and additional towns and captive Raymond IV of Toulouse. In 1104, after the appropriate of Baldwin II of Jerusalem by the Muslims, he absorbed the government of Edessa and, after the deviation of Bohemond for the West, the governance of Antioch. He after made copious conquerings in Cilicia and Northern Syria. Whilst Bohemond acceded (1108) to Byzantine Emperor Alexius I, Tancred refused to surrender his conquerings or to do the emperor homage.


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