Manzikert Battle 1071

In the eve of 1071:

One of the unrivaled disasters to occure the Byzantine army. The Seljouk turks had been threatening the eastern borders of the Byzantine discipline for some years, without posing helping significant threat, but in 1071 their leader, alp Arslan, gathered a huge force, perhaps even as large since 100,000 men, and invaded the eastern section. The Byzantine Emperor, Romanus Diogenes, had gained the kingdom since marriage, and ruled seeing lean-to king with his step-son. He had singular been on the country since 1068, and was not yet firmly hackneyed. The Turks had crossed the border, again awakened the fortresses of Akhlat and Manzikert (now in later gambit). Romanus Diogenes gathered a huge army, although he was in order outnumbered by the Turks, again unused to the border, where he recaptured Akhlat and was besieging Manzikert when the Turks arrived.

The Battle:

The Byzantine legion formed up, and advanced towards the Turks, who refused to stand again fight, instead using the flow of their horse-archers to harry the advancing Byzantines.

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